Lisa Borrett – Lisa has Cerebral Palsy and is the driving force behind ‘Life Take Two’. Lisa has personally benefited from specialist exercise sessions and has changed from being completely dependent. Lisa was inactive, lonely, bored and homebound and rarely communicated with people outside her small circle of family and friends. Lisa’s physical improvements have been mirrored by her mental abilities and she is now much more independent. Lisa not only runs ‘Life Take Two’ but she also volunteers for two local organisations. Having made a successful bid to the ‘Big Lottery Fund’, Lisa is now fulfilling her dream of helping others benefit in the same way she has.

Lisa Borrett owner LT2


Paul Brice -  Paul is a Clinical Exercise Specialist with a joint Honours Degree in Human Biology and Sports Science. Paul has a keen interest in helping people who want to help themselves. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with people from the most active to the most immobile.


Lisa’s dedication to her father Brian Borrett


Life Take Two would not have come about without my Dad Brian Borrett.

10 years ago my dad was on an NHS COPD rehabilitation programme and he asked if the gym could help me. At first dad had to push me into attending as I really did not know what day of the week it was, let alone what benefit it would do me. Now I look back at the 10 years that both dad and my mum Jackie have driven me too and from the gym every week. Thanks to my dads insistence that I could live a better life, and my mums continued support, since my dad passed, my life is SO different!


Looking back, I had no quality of life at all. Now, I can do a lot more for myself; I have my own company; I’m more independent; I’m even learning to drive a specially adapted car.


Dad I am dedicating the work and support we give to people at Life Take Two to you! I only hope to be able to help others as you helped me!

Love you Dad, always and forever.