How Life Take Two Works


We ask you to contact Lisa to see if we may be able to help you. We then book you in to have your first sessions, where we talk about your abilities, your needs and your aims. From here we then give you the opportunity to access two further blocks of 5 sessions at greatly subsided rates. The three stage approach is explained below:


Stage 1:

Your first assessment is fully funded by the project. This meeting is to assess your individual needs and abilities. It will also give you and ourselves the opportunity to identify if the programme is right for you and you are right for the programme.

If we both agree that further sessions should be planned we move ahead to Stage 2.


Stage 2:

Stage two is where we start to show you exercises to develop your personal fitness abilities.

These demand full engagement from yourself to give maximum benefit, as it requires homework to be completed. Stage 2 involves 5 supervised sessions with the Exercise Specialist and is subsidised so you only contribute a total of £6 per session. If you satisfactorily complete Stage 2 you will be offered 5 further sessions in Stage 3.


Stage 3:

Stage three is where the personalised programme starts to develop further. This will involve more varied exercise choices, as well as continued homework challenges to ensure you continue to progress.

These final 5 sessions are subsidised to a lesser degree, but you will still only pay £10 per session after the subsidy has been paid by the project.


After the Project

After the project we aim to help you identify exercise options for you to continue to be pro-active in life. This might mean a planned homework programme, ideas of facilities near to you that you might want to use, or further subsidised access to the fitness facilities you would have been using.

You may even want to look at whether you might be able to help other people by volunteering or finding work locally. This is something other people with disabilities have managed – it might be good for you!