My name is John and I have a number of health problems, and LT2 has helped me several times over the last two years.


I found that the first thing that helped me was how simple exercise could be. The simple exercises helped cure the aches and pains in my body and muscles and I learned how to cope outside of the gym as well as during the sessions. Before I started with LT2 my mind was a little befuggled but now I feel that my mind works better.


I find that I do exercises at home, and my friends and family find that very strange to see an eighty-five-year-old exercising.


This makes me feel like telling them that they could benefit like I have if they bothered to move more.

I have known Lisa Borrett since 2008. Lisa is a very determined lady who has worked tirelessly to improve her own health and well-being. Lisa has been an inspiration to many and through setting up Life Take 2, Lisa has gone on to provide direct advice, support and guidance to a number of people. 
Lisa has a first hand knowledge of the barriers medical restrictions place on people’s ability to be active and healthy, and has set herself the objective of helping others feel and live better.

Paul Brice
Director, Brice Exercise Specialists