What we do

Life Take Two is based in the Great Yarmouth area and is a project designed to provide a short term introduction to people with disabilities who want to see if they can start to take more control of their life through the use of physical fitness training.


‘Get more from life’


With the assistance of an Exercise Specialist we identify your particular abilities, goals and objectives and look at how we might be able to assist you reach those goals.


We provide a number of one to one exercise sessions with the Exercise Specialist to help you start on your on your pathway to a healthier more active lifestyle. By trying to create the link of working mind and body together, we look to identify simple things you can do at home yourself. These ‘homework’ challenges are the basis for developing good habits that for some can give long-term benefits.


We give a sliding scale of subsidy towards up to 11 sessions of physical training. These are generally done in a fitness centre environment, helping to address social isolation and aiming to normalize the idea of disability fitness.